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​​Cessna TR 182 Landing Gear Pivot Assembly Repair

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Ships with 8130 or 337 form depending on customers needs

Exchange price is $7100.00 With Repairable Core 

If you're having trouble removing the gear leg do not heat the pivot assembly beyound 280 degrees. Call us and we can hydraulically remove the gear leg using our in house tooling. 


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Cessna Landing Gear Repair Pivot Repair for TR182 / R182​

Cessna Landing Gear Pivot Assemblies are now repairable using an approved process developed to prolong the life of your valuable pivot. The repair process removes the aluminum shaft and replaces it with a steel insert that will not crack causing the loss of your braking system. We strip the pivot and remove all bushings, perform a visual and Zyglo inspection, machine the new replacement part and test the unit to 200 percent of the factory rated hydraulic pressure. Once tested the bushings are replaced and the unit is primed with epoxy primer to protect the pivot from corrosion. ​ Each pivot is returned with a 337 form or an 8130,  SK100 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness and a guide for completing all paperwork. Exchange Assemblies Upon Request

FAA ​​Authorized TR182 Pivot Repair


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