Troutdale Aircraft Services is a full-service, high-quality aircraft maintenance and repair facility at the Portland Troutdale Airport.  We are Cessna and Beechcraft Authorized Service Center with Cessna and Beechcraft Factory Trained Technicians and Beechcraft and Cessna Authorized Parts. We can perform a full array of aviation maintenance and repair needs to include certified composite repair, airframe repairs, aircraft engine maintenance on both piston and turbine engines including Continental Motors Authorized Warranty Repairs.  We perform routine inspection, annual inspections, pre-purchase inspections, hot section inspections and video borescope inspections. We also offer propriatary Cessna TR182 landing gear pivot repair and other custom machining and welding repairs and services.  We are authorized avionics for L3, Avidyne and Aspen, and limited Garmin.We offer full aircraft parts, supplies and hardware. In addition to all of this, TAS Properties has hangar space, office space and commercial space for lease. Perfect for corporate flight department or any other business that would benefit from co-located facilities with airport.  Job Openings for A&P Mechanics.  

Currently accepting resumes for A&P mechanics 


1250 NW Perimeter Way Troutdale OR 97060 us


Troutdale Aircraft Services, Inc.

1.  How do I schedule maintenance or annual inspection?

     Contact us at 503-666-3838 to schedule:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Inspections
  • Avionics   

2.  Are you a Cessna and Beechcraft Service Center?

     ​Yes!  We offer the following:

  • Cessna and Beechcraft Authorized Service Center Maintenance
  • Cessna and Beechcraft Authorized Factory Parts Sales
  • Cessna and Beechcraft Warranty Repair

​3.  Can you repair the pivot gear assembly on Cessna aircraft?


     Troutdale Aircraft is the only approved repair for the Main Gear Pivot Assembly on Cessna TR-182 Aircraft.

4.  Do you do avionics?


       Troutdale Aircraft is Authorized Dealer for the following:

  • Avidyne
  • Aspen
  • L3

5.  Do you have aircraft hangar, office or commercial space for lease?


       Troutdale Aircraft Service in collaboration with TAS Properties can offer the following:

  • Corporate Aircraft Hangar Space
  • Corporate Aircraft Co-Located Office Space
  • General office spaces ranging in size from 100 sq. ft to 6000 sq. feet
  • Commercial space leases up to 6000 sq. feet

Frequently Asked Questions?

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